Microsynthesis and Analytical Data for OCAD 1993–2016

Page: 494

V. Podborskýa, V. Talandováa, and Z. Fabiánováb

a Military Research Institute, State Enterprise, Brno, b State Office of Nuclear Safety, Department of Non-Proliferation, Prague

Keywords: database, chemical disarmament, MS spectra, IR spectra, GC retention indexes


In this article, the contribution of VVÚ, s.p., Brno to the formation and enlargement of the Central Analytical Database (OCAD) of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is presented, covering the period from 1993 to the present. The techniques to obtain analytical data for the relevant substances are described, together with the procedures to process the data into the formats requested by OCAD. The requirements for the mass and infrared spectra and chromatographic retention indexes of the Scheduled chemicals of the Chemical Weapons Convention are also included, as well as the fulfilment conditions to accept the data into OCAD. The overview of all laboratories cooperating on the formation of OCAD and the comparison of the number of provided and accepted data of these laboratories and VVÚ Brno are given.


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