Analysis of Phospholipids Biomarkers by Gas Chromatography


  • S. Opluštil Department of Analytical Chemistry,
  • D. Chrastina Department of Analytical Chemistry,
  • M. Rulík Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science, Palacký University, Olomouc
  • P. Barták Department of Analytical Chemistry,
  • P. Bednář Department of Analytical Chemistry,
  • L. Čáp Department of Analytical Chemistry,


Most known lipid biomarkers were found by analysis of pure bacterial cultures in vitro. The practical impact of a biomarker including possible interferences should be tested in extensive research of target strains in real ecosystems. Phospholipid fatty acids identified in river sediments, activated sludge and waterworks sand filters correspond with those proposed previously as biomarkers typical of expected microorganisms. Two ether lipids regarded as specific biomarkers of the Archaea kingdom were identified in digested sludge from a sewage water plant.



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Opluštil, S., Chrastina, D., Rulík, M., Barták, P., Bednář, P., & Čáp, L. (2007). Analysis of Phospholipids Biomarkers by Gas Chromatography. Chemické Listy, 101(3). Získáno z