Lanthanoidy jako pigmenty?

  • P. Šulcová Katedra anorganické technologie, Fakulta chemicko-technologická, Univerzita Pardubice, Pardubice
Klíčová slova: lanthanoidy, anorganické pigmenty, ekologické pigmenty, Ce₂S₃


Inorganic pigments accompany mankind at every step from the very beginning. First, pigments of mineral origin or organic pigments (plant or animal) were used, later the pigments were prepared mainly synthetically with respect to their high demands on their quality. The color palette was wide but people are hard to please and are constantly looking for new shades. Currently, it appears that the use of lanthanides can be an option is. The main reason is hygienic-ecological pressure which narrows the existing range of pigments, especially for high-temperature applications. The newly prepared lanthanide compounds are environmentally acceptable, have the corresponding pigment properties, and are especially colorful.