Mlha jako významný jev v atmosféře

Klíčová slova: mlha, atmosféra, atmosférická depozice, trendy, znečištění ovzduší


Fog is an important and complex atmospheric phenomenon, closely related to atmospheric chemistry and physics, studied widely from various points of view. The aim of this review paper is to provide a brief summary of up-to-date scientific findings and results on (i) fog formation, (ii) factors affecting fog, (iii) long-term trends, (iv) fog relevance for atmospheric deposition, and (v) observation of fog incidence and chemical composition in the Czech Republic. The emphasis is put namely on those aspects of fog that are related to atmospheric chemistry.

Jak citovat
Hůnová, I. 2021. Mlha jako významný jev v atmosféře. Chemické listy. 115, 8 (srp. 2021), 436-440.