Microelectrode Arrays with Interacting Diffusion Layers: Fabrication and Characterization


  • P. Tomcik Department of Analytical Chemistry,
  • S. Jursa Department of Analytical Chemistry,
  • D. Bustin Department of Analytical Chemistry,
  • V. Tvarozek Department of Microelectronics, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic


The review deals with the fabrication and characterization of interdigitated array (IDA) microelectrodes. The close constitution of IDA causes special effects which can be useful for analytical applications. Transport phenomena of the microband IDA microelectrodes are surveyed and the consequences of the diffusion layer overlapping, such as a high collection efficiency in comparison with RRDE and current amplification by redox cycling, are discussed. A brief description of the fabrication of vertically separated IDA microelectrodes is given.



Jak citovat

Tomcik, P., Jursa, S., Bustin, D., & Tvarozek, V. (1998). Microelectrode Arrays with Interacting Diffusion Layers: Fabrication and Characterization. Chemické Listy, 92(8). Získáno z http://ww.w.chemicke-listy.cz/ojs3/index.php/chemicke-listy/article/view/2677




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