Faktory virulence bakterií rodu Cronobacter

Klíčová slova: virulence, patogeneze, Cronobacter spp.


Cronobacter spp. are opportunistic pathogens, which can cause life-threatening infections such as necrotizing enterocolitis, sepsis and meningitis, especially to immunocompromised individuals. This microorganism has many virulence factors, which allow a successful adhesion to host cells, invasion into host cells, survival in blood stream and to escape the host immune response. The aim of this article is to briefly describe the virulence factors involved in the pathogenesis caused by Cronobacter spp.

Jak citovat
Novotný, J., Svobodová, B., Jelínková, A. a Karamonová, L. 2021. Faktory virulence bakterií rodu Cronobacter. Chemické listy. 115, 4 (dub. 2021), 166-170.