Prehľad biorelevantných dynamických disolučných prístrojov

Klíčová slova: pevné perorálne liekové formy, biorelevantná skúška disolúcie, in vitro gastrointestinálny systém


The use of solid oral dosage forms depends on the degree of bioavailability of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. The rate and extent of the drug released from the dosage form and subsequently dissolved in the gastrointestinal fluids greatly affects its fate in the human body. In vitro dissolution test may provide an in-depth understanding of a drug formulation's behaviour in vivo, as long as it sufficiently simulates relevant gastrointestinal conditions. Therefore, the development of in vitro gastrointestinal systems, which reflects advanced technology and knowledge about the human body, is receiving considerable attention. This article is focused on the biorelevant dynamic apparatuses and their sophisticated design, overcoming many limitations of conventional dissolution devices and allowing a better correlation with in vivo behaviour of solid oral dosage forms.

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Bílik, T., Stupák, I., Vysloužil, J., Čulen, M. a Dohnal, J. 2021. Prehľad biorelevantných dynamických disolučných prístrojov. Chemické listy. 115, 11 (lis. 2021), 602-608.

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