Direct Determination of Cu and Zn in Whole Human Blood by ICP-MS


  • O. Mestek Department of Analytical Chemistry,
  • E. Curdova Department of Analytical Chemistry,
  • R. Koplik Department of Food Chemistry and Analysis, Institute of Chemical Technology, Preague,
  • T. Zima First Institute of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague


The method of the direct determination of Cu and Zn by ICP-MS in the whole human blood 1:9 diluted with Triton X-100 and HNO3 (0.1 % Triton X-100 and 0.2 % HNO3 in the final solution) was compared with the method based on blood decomposition in a microwave apparatus. Correlation coefficients between both methods were 0.965 and 0.988 for Cu and Zn, respectively (n - 12). The relative standard deviation of repeatability was about 2 % for both methods and metals. The direct analysis without sample decomposition is recommended.



Jak citovat

Mestek, O., Curdova, E., Koplik, R., & Zima, T. (1998). Direct Determination of Cu and Zn in Whole Human Blood by ICP-MS. Chemické Listy, 91(12). Získáno z




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